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Gift Ideas
There is no better way to make a lasting impression than to present someone with a unique gift. Whether it be a simple print of your favourite image, or a large canvas to take up a wall, Carl can bring it to life. Often people are unsure of what to get someone, so please browse the vast galleries and email your order or any questions. Carl can also make suggestions for that special occasion, be it a Birthday, Fathers / Mother Day, Christmas, or just to say thank you. The best gift that we suggest would be a large canvas that can be delivered straight to the door of the unsuspecting recipient. You can guarantee that it will take pride of place on their wall and be admired for years to come.

Larger prints are also available at a great price. Please determine size and email for a quote.

Canvas Prints
SquareStrectched Frame 
12"x 12" (305mm square) $85  
20"x 20" (508mm square)$135 
30"x 30" (762mm square) $240 
40"x 40" (1016mm square) $425 
*postage cost $25
RectangleStrectched Frame 
12"x 18" (305mm x 457mm) $90 
16"x 24" (406mm x 609mm) $130 
28"x 42" (711mm x 1066mm) $335 
32"x 48" (812mm x 1219mm) $395 
40"x 60" (1016mm x 1524mm) $640 
*postage cost $25
PanoramicStrectched Frame 
10"x 20" (254mm x 508mm) $85 
20"x 40" (508mm x 1016mm) $255 
30"x 60"(762mm x 1524mm) $480 
40" x 80"(1016mm x 2032mm) $795 
*postage cost $25
Triple CanvasStrectched Frame 
24" x 36" (600mm x 900mm) $310 
32" x 48" (800mm x 1200mm) $480 
40" x 60 " (1000mm x 1500mm) $700 
*postage cost $25
Photographic Prints
4x6in (10x5cm) $7.00
*add $6 for postage within Australia
5x7in (8x13cm) $13.00
*add $6 for postage within Australia
8x12in (20x30cm) $19.00
*add $10 for postage within Australia
18x12in (30x20cm) $35.00
*add $10 for postage within Australia
Triple Prints
Triple prints are ideal when you want to express a series of images into one photo. You can pick the images and Carl will combine them onto one print (see sample). These are often a panoramic shape and the price will vary depending on size. An ideal gift though could be a print 18x7inch (30x18cm) at $55.00. wallabi
Digital Files
Digital files can be supplied for most images, and may be emailed or placed onto a disc. This is for personal use only.

Low resolution images can be emailed for only $10 each and are suitable for a screen saver.

Selected High resolution images will be emailed or posted at a cost of $30 for the 1st image and $20 there after. These are suitable for large prints up to A3 size.

Digital image transfer may have a higher price and must only be used for commercial purpose with the written permission of Carl Muxlow. All images on this web site are copyright to Carl Muxlow.

*Please note that print colors will vary depending on how your monitor is collaborated and how it is printed. All prints on this sight are configured to Carl's own monitor and we hold no responsibility to prints made that do not configure exactly to a personal monitor. Carlmuxlow.com also has the right to alter any price without prior notification.